On this day 1 year ago, Peytonspace went live. I started this blog site to share all that hair, fashion and motherhood has to offer. Not to mention build an outlet where I can express my feelings on various things with being a single mother and raising a shining star. I am proud of all the opportunities it has brought Eva’s way and all the fun things it’s allowed her to partake in. This year my focus is to post more blogs, premiere new merch and share my experience with being the mother of 2 (baby #2 is due in June ❤). I’m claiming nothing but growth and blessings for this part of our lives.

All photos taken by @mystudiokid 




Kindergaten Newbie

With only 2 weeks of school in, Eva has been so excited to be in kindergarten. She gets up eager and ready to go in the mornings without a fight (well at least 90% of the time). Thank God!! Now that Eva’s in kindergarten, she gets homework every night.  The first 2 days she couldn’t understand why she had to bring her school work home. After explaining to her that she needs to practice at home as well, she kind of gets it now. Her homework consists of writing her name several times, math and reading (which is her favorite).

Over the summer Eva was given a list of site words from her Pre-K teacher to practice and prepare her for kindergarten. Boy did that help! Eva can read to me every night now with books provided by her teacher. She’s also participating in the 100 book challenge this year so I’m elated as is she. Small books around 8 pages, 1 sentence each page but guess what…My baby can read them all by herself with no help from me. Can you tell I’m a first time mom?! I get excited over everything she does lol

For me kindergarten is very important in a child’s life. It lays the foundation for their growth and development. They learn many skills primarily writing, reading, counting and social interaction. I want to prepare Eva as much as I can at home as well. So after school everyday Eva can regroup for about 30 minutes and soon after we start her homework. The reason being is because if I let her get to comfortable playing, she won’t want to do it and she’ll have a fit. So to avoid any madness, we do it early and get it out the way. This way she’s still focused and won’t give me a hassel. I’ve had to learn to be very patient with her during this process. It’s getting a lot better and she’s actually starting to like it.

Here are some pics of Eva in her new element….homework!

I can’t wait until the end of the year just to see how much she’s improved in her writing and reading. This experience for her will set the tone for the rest of her many years left in school. So far so good ?





Book Review: When God Made You

I had the pleasure of reviewing a beautifully illustrated children’s book called “When God Made You” sent to me by the author himself Matthew Paul Turner and illustrated by David Catrow. At first sight I was completely intrigued by the cover. After reading it I fell in love. The message it delivers to the reader is so uplifting and the affirming words used are so on point. This book basically explains how unique and perfectly God made each and every one of us. David Catrow gave this reading experience so much life with such colorful and eye catching illustrations.

Not to long ago I wrote a blog on how certain apps are teaching kids how to alter their bodies to fit society’s definition of beautiful. This book does the total opposite. The joy in my heart while reading this book to Eva. To have a children’s book that talks about self acceptance and embracing all of her flaws is heaven sent in this day in age. Here is a sneak peak:

“You, you, when God made YOU, God made you all shiny and new. An incredible you, a you all your own, a you unlike anyone else ever known.”

“Cause when God made you, this much is true, the world got to meet who God already knew.”

Truth be told, God makes no mistakes. He knew everything about us even before we were thought of. Through picturesque illustrations and beautiful rhymes, this book inspires the reader to explore the works of God through their own eyes. Eva had so many questions and enjoyed every bit of her new favorite book.

“Cause when God made you, somehow God knew that the world needed someone exactly like you!”

To my knowledge this book can be purchased through Barnes & Nobles, Amazon and Target. Get your copy today…you won’t be disappointed. This book speaks to anyone from a child to an adult. It’s a must have!


Disclosure: All opinions are my own





DO NOT Disturb!

Motherhood isn’t easy but I love being a mom. I recall praying to God for many many years to bless me with a baby girl. Now that she’s here, OH BOY! Being a mother (especially a single one) is hard work. Why couldn’t she stay a baby forever?! I underestimated the job of being a mom but it has been by far the most rewarding. Eva is the equivalent of 3 kids all by herself. Her energy is on 100 daily until she knocks out. With that being said momma needs some “ME TIME” whenever she can get it. Whether it’s 30 minutes, an hour or a whole day, I live for those moments. I often feel guilty for even thinking I need a break from Eva but I’ve learned if I’m not good to myself, I’m no good for her. “ME TIME” is the fuel that keeps me upbeat instead of beating me up.

Here are 5 things I like to do when I’m kid free:

1) SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP – This is essential to your health and overall well being. The plan is always for at least 5-6 hours of extra sleep but for whatever reason it doesn’t always work out that way. So that good hour or 2 that I can get is heaven. I’m a lover of naps so when I have free time that’s the first thing I want to do.

2) DATE MYSELF – I like to take myself out to lunch and enjoy a good meal/drink. This is an opportune time for self-reflection. As mom’s we can be very hard on ourselves, so doing this at least once a month for me is therapeutic.

3) EXTRA LONG SHOWER – I think this is a big deal. The joy of being able to take a shower without hearing my name being called, the bathroom door opening and closing, asking for a snack or crying because this little person wants to join me is a dream come true. I simply turn on my Pandora radio, light my candles and sing my little heart out (bathroom acoustics are the best). From time to time I even bust some dances moves ?

4) MANI/PEDI WITH A SIDE OF SHOPPING – Besides the clean nails and pretty polish, the joy of being able to have a conversation with no kid(s) interrupting is wonderful. Whether it be alone or with girlfriends this is a woman’s space to regroup and get pampered. It’s a much needed activity to do when free of the little one(s). Now the shopping aka RETAIL THERAPY is a mood changer. When you feeling overwhelmed, what’s better than treating yourself to a cute outfit or that bag you’ve been eyeing for weeks or those shoes that will complete the entire look. JUST BUY IT! Like the saying goes “When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping”

5) GYM FLOW – For about 3 weeks now I have been spending at least 3-4 days at the gym for about 1.5 hrs. I put on my headphones, blast my music and completely zone out. Of course health wise it’s always a good idea to exercise but I consider it my own personal sanctuary. For me the mental workout outweighs the physical.

I have many other things I do during my “ME TIME” but I didn’t want to write an essay lol So mom’s how do you spent your time away from the kids?











18 Fun Questions To Ask Your Kids

I was reading an article in the Parenting magazine the other day that encouraged a fun Q&A with your child  just to see how you are viewed in their eyes. As I read some of the answers I found it adorable and fun. Before we started, I let Eva know there is no wrong or right answers and that this is just a fun activity for us to do together.

Here is how our Q&A went…

1. What is something mommy always says to you? I love you pudding pop. Wait, you say no alot too mommy 

2. What makes mommy happy? When I listen 

3. What makes mommy sad? When I don’t listen alot

4. If mommy was a cartoon character, who would she be? Owlette (she’s a superhero from PJ Masks)

5. What is mommy really good at? Reading me stories 

6. What is mommy not really good at? Letting me watch videos (she chuckles) and then ask “are we done yet?”

7. What does mommy do for a job? Take care of me and take me to school

8. What makes you proud of mommy? You give me snacks

9. What do you and mommy do together the most? Hug each other all the time, right mommy? Yes baby (we hugged lol)

10. How are you and mommy the same? we love mac and cheese soooo much. Mommy is it lunchtime yet?

11. What do you and mommy do together? We go to photo shoots then eat pizza after.  We go to the park, eat ice cream, take the bus and train and another bus and then we home again. (Exactly what we did last weekend) ?

12. How do you know mommy loves you? Because you always tell me to eat breakfast in the morning and have a good day.

13. If mommy won a million dollars what would she do with it? Take me to Target and the candy store. Then give me the world.

14. What is mommy’s favorite thing to do? Take naps 

15. What is the most important thing mommy has taught you? How to take a bath, brush my teeth and wipe front to back.

16. If you could give mommy anything, what would it be? Energy 

17. How old is mommy? 16 (I get that alot lol)

18. What do you love most about mommy? She makes me happy

Her responses brought such a huge smile to my face. This was a great way to see how she views me as her mom and our relationship. #2 made me laugh, #7, #8 and #18 warmed my heart. #14 Omg she knows mommy so well. I am faithful to my naps since birth lol ask anybody that knows me. #15 ????? #16 giving me energy…she knows what momma needs lol. This exercise reaffirms the importance of having good communication with your kids. Eva is only 4 and this proves she really pays attention to what I say and more importantly what I do. #13 blew me away! My hope is that I continue doing a good job in setting a foundation for our future together. Eva is my WORLD and if she’s not happy, I’m not doing a very good job as being her mom. These answers tell it all….

I would love to hear about your child(s) answers. Post in comments if you decide to do this exercise.




That’s A Wrap!


Eva’s First Day Of Pre-K…

We Made It!! My baby’s last day of pre-k and it feels like I just blinked then BOOM the school year is over and my baby is off to kindergarden. How exciting is it to watch your child grow in every aspect of the word?! I recall the first day of school and Eva wasn’t to happy about me leaving her. I was able to stay with her the first day so she was good. That second day she was a mess. When she realized I wasn’t staying, she cried and screamed for me not to leave her. That broke my heart especially because I don’t want her to EVER feel like mommy is abandoning her. It was a very hard first week and I will never forget how that made me feel. HOWEVER, second week came and that totally changed. She would run in front of me and leave me behind, close the door so I wouldn’t come in the classroom AND she would kiss me in the car so all she would have to do is wave lol. Between all she learned and all the new friends she made, I can truly say she enjoyed her preschool year! Now let the summer fun begin…We have alot in store for the summer so stay tuned!

Let us know what your summer plans are and maybe we can link up!







The Future Of Pink And Green

When you have a little girl, you want her to grow up with friends/sisters that empower her, have similar goals and want to take the world by storm. When she gets to be in high school and is preparing for the college life, she may want to join a sorority.
The first thing some young ladies look forward to in joining a sorority is of course all the parties and the cute guys! (I know that would be my reasons lol) If you watch Lifetime you know exactly what I’m talking about ladies!
So for me to get some knowledge as to what a sorority is and what they represent, I did a Q&A with my girl Amber Harris to get the 411 and her take on being a AKA (Alpha Kappa Alpha). Something Eva and/or many young girls may want to experience once they reach that stage in their life…


Soror Amber Harris

What is AKA and can you give us a brief history?

      In 1908, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. became the first Greek-letter organization established by and for Black women. Her roots date back to Howard University, Washington, D.C. where the idea for formation was conceived by Ethel Hedgeman Lyle of St. Louis, Missouri. She viewed the Sorority as an instrument for enriching the social and intellectual aspects of college life by providing mental stimulation through interaction with friends and associates.
      Through the years, Alpha Kappa Alpha‘s functioning has become more complex. After her incorporation as a perpetual body in 1913, Alpha Kappa Alpha gradually branched out and has grown from one undergraduate chapter to an international organization with a membership of more than 175,000 women in over 900 chapters. Our membership consists of ladies of distinction and exemplary character who excel in scholarship, leadership and service. Our undergraduate and graduate chapters are located throughout the United States, West Africa, the United Kingdom, the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands and Germany. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. is the epitome of class, grace, and finer womanhood. 

      Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. is a wonderful sisterhood committed to community service. Solving the problems of our community is a very serious matter, and nothing is more rewarding than doing this with the love, cooperation and support of the many talented members of our sorority.


What inspired you to want to become an AKA?                                    

I was inspired to want to become a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated because the AKA‘s stood for cultivating and encouraging high scholastic and ethical standards, to promote unity and friendships among college women, to study and help alleviate problems concerning girls and women in order to improve their social stature, to maintain a progressive interest in college life, and to be of “Service to All Mankind”.

What would you say are some of the benefits from joining this sorority?

The benefits of being a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated is that you will be apart of a sisterhood and develop lifelong bonds with other women who share the same interests for the sorority and support one another.

How important is it to you to be apart of this movement?

This movement is important because I am able to continue the legacy my founders established.


I know you have nieces (including Eva) so what advice would you give a young girl wanting to join AKA?

The advice I would give to my niece Eva and other young girls wanting to be future AKA‘s would be to do research about the sorority and to truly understand why you want to become a member of this organization. I would also participate and be activate in the sorority’s youth programs if available to show support. Most importantly, know how you can add value to the organization and continue the legacy of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.

Thank you so much Amber for giving us some insight on the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. If Eva decides to join this sorority in the near future, you’ll be the first person she calls. If all the women are half as wonderdul as you, I’m all for it. We love you!

Eva’s outfit:
Shirt: www.theparagirls.com (gift from her auntie Amber)
Vest: www.gapkids.com
Jeans: www.zara.com
Sneakers (Vanz) www.journeykidz.com



Maui Moisture Product Review

Oh Maui Moisture!! So I’ve had these products “Maui Moisture Curl Quench + Coconut Oil” Shampoo/Conditioner, Curl Milk and Curl Smoothie since March from my  curlbox. I finally decided to try them on Eva mainly because of it’s “Curl Quench” mention and that it’s good for thick curly hair. Being as though Eva’s low porosity, I figured it will help keep her hair moisturized longer. The product is also made with 100% aloe juice, coconut water and is vegan friendly. So how can you go wrong right?!

Let’s Begin With The Shampoo:

I try not to really use shampoo anymore because it does strip the hair but after not using it for maybe 2 months (and just co-washing) I felt it was about that time. I parted into 4 sections because her hair is so thick and so I can make sure product gets distributed into every strand. I then pour a generous amount on my hand for her thickness. The shampoo is very thick and gooy but smells so good. I liked it because it gave her hair slip (which usually for her hair the shampoo does the total opposite). I start to wash and it doesn’t feel rough but quite smooth during the washing process. I was even able to run my fingers through her hair without her screaming or complaining. I proceed to rinse it out and it gives me a bit of shine and a tad of moisture (not dry at all). I continue to wash the other sections with the shampoo…so far so good.

Her hair looks so silky and smooth with the shampoo huh?! 😉

Time For Conditioner:

Now I apply the conditioner with a decent amount on my hand for the first section..the conditioner is just sitting on her top strands, so I apply more starting from her ends *confused look* As I spread it through out the hair I’m noticing her hair is not reacting how I hoped. It’s kind of rejecting this conditioner. So I look at the ingredients and they are basically the same as the shampoo. So because I know Eva is coconut sensitive maybe there is more coconut oil in the conditioner than shampoo?! I don’t know but I had to put a large amount in order to comb through her sectioned hair. It was ALOT of extra work and she wasn’t happy about it. I decide to apply some more and let it sit for about 10-15 minutes or so to give it time to marinate and it was a bit better but not how I would usually want it. I then rinse the conditioner out and this is her hair (pictured below with no product added) It looks good but her ends were a bit dry and brittle after.

As you can see, the conditioner can barely be seen and I applied a whole lot. I like to see my conditioner…
This pic is after conditioner was rinsed out. No product was added yet. Can you see the dryness on her ends?! I don’t like that look especially after conditioning.

Curl Milk + Curl Smoothie:

Now it’s time to style…I add a decent amount of curl milk (which is thick so much wasn’t needed) and to my surprise it’s AMAZING. The slip was perfect, her hair was super easy to run my fingers through and it gave it good moisture. After I applied milk to all sections I’m loving what I see. Now it’s time to apply the curl smoothie, I add a small amount because this also is thick and creamy…OMG instant moisture, softness, manageability and no sticky residue after applying. I style with twists (per her request) and these are the results (picture below) no oil was added because I didn’t feel she needed any due to the smoothie already having coconut oil in it.

My Thoughts/Opinions:

Overall, I think if Eva wasn’t coconut sensitive this entire line would be perfect but because she is this is how I would use it. I would use the shampoo again and maybe try the conditioner one more time and leave it in a little longer. If that doesn’t work then I’m ok without it. I usually know after one try if a product is going to work or not in her hair. I would DEFINITELY use the curl milk and smoothie. Even the morning after her hair still has good moisture and shine (pictured below) considering she woke up without her bonnet, thats why it looks a bit messy. The girl is a wild sleeper lol

I hope this helps someone and if you decide to try these products do let me know how it worked out for you. Especially if you’re not coconut sensitive.

She was still half sleep but mama needed that pic lol she’s such a good sport…My Baby!!




Weekend Vibes…

Models: @emperorkaioyus, @shondu007, @peytonspace, @kylie_kute

Looking back on this past weekend, I got to meet some kind spirits and create great memories. It’s been a very long time since I have felt motivated and full of optimisim about the direction I am taking with my blog, the setting of personal goals and the best way to support my baby with her modeling. I had the pleasure of attending an Honor & Awareness Celebration for a very special little girl by the name of Madison AKA @redlilmissy (pictured below) who was being honored for her 5 years of achievements (basically since birth being as tho she’s only 5) Eva and I had a great time. Of course Eva enjoyed meeting all the kids she befriended, the dance moves she picked up and all the sugar one can consume when you attend a function at Dylans Candy Shop. My experience was a bit different. I got a chance to pick the brains of some amazing industry moms and share experiences we’ve had being in this industry. It helped me see a clearer vision as to what to expect in this industry-the good and bad, how to overcome small obstacles or set backs and how to better manage the direction I want Eva to take in this business. I must admit, deep conversations with the right people are priceless! It wasn’t even so much about the “modeling industry” but more so just living life and what I want me and my child’s future to look like. I have a support system now that I’m so blessed with and am truly grateful for. I foresee so many great things ahead of us. All photos by: @francophotosync

Another high light of my weekend was when “The Royal Takeover Radio Show” gave my little blog and Instagram page the biggest shout out. I got emotional just listening to them talk about my baby girl and even through me in the mix (briefly tho haha) that made my heart smile. The simple fact that they even took their air time to do that says alot. Not only was it not expected but when you have people that are rooting for you and what you’re trying to do, makes you want to go even harder. Life has ways of letting you know you’re on the right path and this sign right here…was sent from above! Thank you so much again for this gesture..





I Don’t Like This App…

When kids and iPad games don’t mix! So the the other day, I came across some plastic surgery kids apps while looking for age appropriate games for Eva. I was a little taken aback because not only do I feel it’s a bit much for a child but also of what it teaches our young girls especially in this day and age about acceptance. For example “Plastic Surgeon” (pictured below) was one of the many I saw and was disturbed by. Mind you, the age range was from 2-10 yrs (really?!) Granted it’s a game and that’s fine “for adults” but my frustration is that it’s geared towards children as young as 2 years old. Why do they need to know this let alone play this inappropriate game??????For me parenting (especially single parents) have it hard enough trying to instill self confidence/self love into our kids. Society makes it extra hard with the obsession of perfection and that you have to look a certain way to be successful and happy in life. Kids (especially that young) are very easily influenced. Introducing cosmetic surgery at such an early age can really affect a child’s mental health once they reach puberty and adolescent age, which is a time where the risk of body dissatisfaction is big and apps such as these only further reinforce insecurities in our young people. This does not help kids embrace their uniqueness but just tell them such beauty is unrealistic and unattainable.

I want my child to feel good about herself inside and not feel the need to alter anything she was born with. So what should we do now as parents trying to instill our kids to love themselves with the world against us?! Open communication and being approachable. Talking to our kids more and getting to know them better. Letting them know they can come to us about any and everything good or bad. Telling them our stories and insecurities and how we have dealt with them. Not making them feel like their thoughts or opinions are not important. Be cognizant of what we’re saying and how we say it. Lastly, be that example…kids emulate you so if your not respecting and loving yourself, then they will do just that.

All I want is for my daughter to be happy and confident in who she is with no help from society’s standards of what beauty should look like. What are your thoughts?