Kindergaten Newbie

With only 2 weeks of school in, Eva has been so excited to be in kindergarten. She gets up eager and ready to go in the mornings without a fight (well at least 90% of the time). Thank God!! Now that Eva’s in kindergarten, she gets homework every night.  The first 2 days she couldn’t understand why she had to bring her school work home. After explaining to her that she needs to practice at home as well, she kind of gets it now. Her homework consists of writing her name several times, math and reading (which is her favorite).

Over the summer Eva was given a list of site words from her Pre-K teacher to practice and prepare her for kindergarten. Boy did that help! Eva can read to me every night now with books provided by her teacher. She’s also participating in the 100 book challenge this year so I’m elated as is she. Small books around 8 pages, 1 sentence each page but guess what…My baby can read them all by herself with no help from me. Can you tell I’m a first time mom?! I get excited over everything she does lol

For me kindergarten is very important in a child’s life. It lays the foundation for their growth and development. They learn many skills primarily writing, reading, counting and social interaction. I want to prepare Eva as much as I can at home as well. So after school everyday Eva can regroup for about 30 minutes and soon after we start her homework. The reason being is because if I let her get to comfortable playing, she won’t want to do it and she’ll have a fit. So to avoid any madness, we do it early and get it out the way. This way she’s still focused and won’t give me a hassel. I’ve had to learn to be very patient with her during this process. It’s getting a lot better and she’s actually starting to like it.

Here are some pics of Eva in her new element….homework!

I can’t wait until the end of the year just to see how much she’s improved in her writing and reading. This experience for her will set the tone for the rest of her many years left in school. So far so good ?