That’s A Wrap!


Eva’s First Day Of Pre-K…

We Made It!! My baby’s last day of pre-k and it feels like I just blinked then BOOM the school year is over and my baby is off to kindergarden. How exciting is it to watch your child grow in every aspect of the word?! I recall the first day of school and Eva wasn’t to happy about me leaving her. I was able to stay with her the first day so she was good. That second day she was a mess. When she realized I wasn’t staying, she cried and screamed for me not to leave her. That broke my heart especially because I don’t want her to EVER feel like mommy is abandoning her. It was a very hard first week and I will never forget how that made me feel. HOWEVER, second week came and that totally changed. She would run in front of me and leave me behind, close the door so I wouldn’t come in the classroom AND she would kiss me in the car so all she would have to do is wave lol. Between all she learned and all the new friends she made, I can truly say she enjoyed her preschool year! Now let the summer fun begin…We have alot in store for the summer so stay tuned!

Let us know what your summer plans are and maybe we can link up!