I Don’t Like This App…

When kids and iPad games don’t mix! So the the other day, I came across some plastic surgery kids apps while looking for age appropriate games for Eva. I was a little taken aback because not only do I feel it’s a bit much for a child but also of what it teaches our young girls especially in this day and age about acceptance.¬†For example “Plastic Surgeon” (pictured below) was one of the many I saw and was disturbed by. Mind you, the age range was from 2-10 yrs (really?!) Granted it’s a game and that’s fine “for adults” but my frustration is that it’s geared towards children as young as 2 years old. Why do they need to know this let alone play this inappropriate game??????For me parenting (especially single parents) have it hard enough trying to instill self confidence/self love into our kids. Society makes it extra hard with the obsession of perfection and that you have to look a certain way to be successful and happy in life. Kids (especially that young) are very easily influenced. Introducing cosmetic surgery at such an early age can really affect a child’s mental health once they reach puberty and adolescent age, which is a time where the risk of body dissatisfaction is big and apps such as these only further reinforce insecurities in our young people. This does not help kids embrace their uniqueness but just tell them such beauty is unrealistic and unattainable.

I want my child to feel good about herself inside and not feel the need to alter anything she was born with. So what should we do now as parents trying to instill our kids to love themselves with the world against us?! Open communication and being approachable. Talking to our kids more and getting to know them better. Letting them know they can come to us about any and everything good or bad. Telling them our stories and insecurities and how we have dealt with them. Not making¬†them feel like their thoughts or opinions are not important. Be cognizant of what we’re saying and how we say it. Lastly, be that example…kids emulate you so if your not respecting and loving yourself, then they will do just that.

All I want is for my daughter to be happy and confident in who she is with no help from society’s standards of what beauty should look like. What are your thoughts?