Maui Moisture Product Review

Oh Maui Moisture!! So I’ve had these products “Maui Moisture Curl Quench + Coconut Oil” Shampoo/Conditioner, Curl Milk and Curl Smoothie since March from my  curlbox. I finally decided to try them on Eva mainly because of it’s “Curl Quench” mention and that it’s good for thick curly hair. Being as though Eva’s low porosity, I figured it will help keep her hair moisturized longer. The product is also made with 100% aloe juice, coconut water and is vegan friendly. So how can you go wrong right?!

Let’s Begin With The Shampoo:

I try not to really use shampoo anymore because it does strip the hair but after not using it for maybe 2 months (and just co-washing) I felt it was about that time. I parted into 4 sections because her hair is so thick and so I can make sure product gets distributed into every strand. I then pour a generous amount on my hand for her thickness. The shampoo is very thick and gooy but smells so good. I liked it because it gave her hair slip (which usually for her hair the shampoo does the total opposite). I start to wash and it doesn’t feel rough but quite smooth during the washing process. I was even able to run my fingers through her hair without her screaming or complaining. I proceed to rinse it out and it gives me a bit of shine and a tad of moisture (not dry at all). I continue to wash the other sections with the shampoo…so far so good.

Her hair looks so silky and smooth with the shampoo huh?! 😉

Time For Conditioner:

Now I apply the conditioner with a decent amount on my hand for the first section..the conditioner is just sitting on her top strands, so I apply more starting from her ends *confused look* As I spread it through out the hair I’m noticing her hair is not reacting how I hoped. It’s kind of rejecting this conditioner. So I look at the ingredients and they are basically the same as the shampoo. So because I know Eva is coconut sensitive maybe there is more coconut oil in the conditioner than shampoo?! I don’t know but I had to put a large amount in order to comb through her sectioned hair. It was ALOT of extra work and she wasn’t happy about it. I decide to apply some more and let it sit for about 10-15 minutes or so to give it time to marinate and it was a bit better but not how I would usually want it. I then rinse the conditioner out and this is her hair (pictured below with no product added) It looks good but her ends were a bit dry and brittle after.

As you can see, the conditioner can barely be seen and I applied a whole lot. I like to see my conditioner…
This pic is after conditioner was rinsed out. No product was added yet. Can you see the dryness on her ends?! I don’t like that look especially after conditioning.

Curl Milk + Curl Smoothie:

Now it’s time to style…I add a decent amount of curl milk (which is thick so much wasn’t needed) and to my surprise it’s AMAZING. The slip was perfect, her hair was super easy to run my fingers through and it gave it good moisture. After I applied milk to all sections I’m loving what I see. Now it’s time to apply the curl smoothie, I add a small amount because this also is thick and creamy…OMG instant moisture, softness, manageability and no sticky residue after applying. I style with twists (per her request) and these are the results (picture below) no oil was added because I didn’t feel she needed any due to the smoothie already having coconut oil in it.

My Thoughts/Opinions:

Overall, I think if Eva wasn’t coconut sensitive this entire line would be perfect but because she is this is how I would use it. I would use the shampoo again and maybe try the conditioner one more time and leave it in a little longer. If that doesn’t work then I’m ok without it. I usually know after one try if a product is going to work or not in her hair. I would DEFINITELY use the curl milk and smoothie. Even the morning after her hair still has good moisture and shine (pictured below) considering she woke up without her bonnet, thats why it looks a bit messy. The girl is a wild sleeper lol

I hope this helps someone and if you decide to try these products do let me know how it worked out for you. Especially if you’re not coconut sensitive.

She was still half sleep but mama needed that pic lol she’s such a good sport…My Baby!!