Weekend Vibes…

Models: @emperorkaioyus, @shondu007, @peytonspace, @kylie_kute

Looking back on this past weekend, I got to meet some kind spirits and create great memories. It’s been a very long time since I have felt motivated and full of optimisim about the direction I am taking with my blog, the setting of personal goals and the best way to support my baby with her modeling. I had the pleasure of attending an Honor & Awareness Celebration for a very special little girl by the name of Madison AKA @redlilmissy (pictured below) who was being honored for her 5 years of achievements (basically since birth being as tho she’s only 5) Eva and I had a great time. Of course Eva enjoyed meeting all the kids she befriended, the dance moves she picked up and all the sugar one can consume when you attend a function at Dylans Candy Shop. My experience was a bit different. I got a chance to pick the brains of some amazing industry moms and share experiences we’ve had being in this industry. It helped me see a clearer vision as to what to expect in this industry-the good and bad, how to overcome small obstacles or set backs and how to better manage the direction I want Eva to take in this business. I must admit, deep conversations with the right people are priceless! It wasn’t even so much about the “modeling industry” but more so just living life and what I want me and my child’s future to look like. I have a support system now that I’m so blessed with and am truly grateful for. I foresee so many great things ahead of us. All photos by: @francophotosync

Another high light of my weekend was when “The Royal Takeover Radio Show” gave my little blog and Instagram page the biggest shout out. I got emotional just listening to them talk about my baby girl and even through me in the mix (briefly tho haha) that made my heart smile. The simple fact that they even took their air time to do that says alot. Not only was it not expected but when you have people that are rooting for you and what you’re trying to do, makes you want to go even harder. Life has ways of letting you know you’re on the right path and this sign right here…was sent from above! Thank you so much again for this gesture..




Ever have a day when you just want to randomly dress up and snap some good indoor pictures?….Well Eva has those days often and with my smart phone (Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge) I make it happen! She’ll say “Mommy, can we have a photo shoot?” Sometimes it’ll be 10 o’clock at night (of course only on weekends would I actually say yes). I love when she gets in that mode for the simple fact that it brings out so much of her personality and builds her self confidence. She gets so excited when I compliment her on a job well done and show her the outcome of our fun indoor photo shoots. I enjoy activities that instill creativity, imagination and make her personality shine. She’s an independent little lady who loves to be praised when she does good. Since birth, Eva has always been a natural in front of the camera. I might have over 6,000 pics of her (probably even more) and she’s only 4. I know, can you say OBSESSED haha. She’s my one and only so what can I say…

Here are my 3 simple rules for a indoor photo shoot: 1) Catch good natural light (close to a window preferably) 2. A cute outfit 3. Killah/fun poses (sometimes props)

These are the shots we captured yesterday just for fun. Dress by @marinandmorgan photos taken by mommy

“Pose for the camera now flick, flick” (in my Beyonce voice)